NomadCast, to broadcast streaming videos simultaneously on Twitter and Facebook [iOS]

In this last year, we are seeing the boom in the appearance of specialized mobile applications in the diffusion of streaming videos starting from the mobile devices themselves. In this sense, ProductHunt is now aware of the existence of NomadCast, a new mobile application for iOS devices that allows the broadcasting of streaming videos for social platforms Twitter and Facebook simultaneously, which can be followed by contacts from both platforms directly. through their respective publications.

Among the advantages of this new application is that at the end of the broadcast sessions, they will be available for your enjoyment in deferred for anyone who wants it, unless the broadcasters intend otherwise, where also all the content will be hosted. unlimited in the cloud.

It is noteworthy that the broadcasts can be resumed up to 30 minutes after their completion, allowing all the possibilities to be used again. The users who make the video broadcasts will be able to see the tweets, comments, appointments, likes and other interactions made by their contacts through both social platforms in real time.

NomadCast has the private mode in which, according to its tab in the Apple App Store, it allows the diffusion and recording of the sessions without sharing them on social networks. For those who wish, NomadCast also allows the integration of video broadcasting through the websites themselves.

NomadCast is available for free through the App Store for both iPhone and iPad, as long as they have iOS version 7.0 onwards.