Nomaders presents a flight search engine with competitive prices

Nomaders presents a flight search engine with competitive prices

Egoitz Goikoetxea, of, presents me with a new flight search engine in, with a new design, better usability and the possibility of consulting the prices of the competition in the results.

[…] help travelers in making decisions with a way of representing flights completely different from what can be found in most places and, on the other hand, advance the transparency and service model.

The reason they decided to include this function is easy to understand. Most of us who search for flights on the web are used to using several search engines, so if one manages to save us work, be welcome to our list of favorites. Egoitz comments:

The definitive impulse to include this initiative was given to me by reading an article by Oscar Feito, Geniality or madness ?, in which he reflected on the possibility of offering competitive prices in online stores. I said to myself, why not? And we started looking for a way to start it. And one fine day when we were about to use a solution, talking with Ral Jimnez, we decided to definitely offer with our results those of the competition that Minube would provide us. The solution was perfect !!, we can offer in a simple way the comparison we were looking for and also we alibi to give the service with a project with which we agree on many things. If I’m not mistaken, we are the first agency in the world to take this step that we believe is very innovative.

An interesting step that can help make this idea grow in various types of projects.