Nook study - The future of textbooks

Nook study – The future of textbooks

I don’t think it will be long before we can enjoy cheap interactive textbooks within academic institutions. Buying thousands of volumes on paper is neither practical, nor ecological nor productive, and even less so when tablets (Android, iOS, etc.) are available at an affordable price for the majority of the population. There are already many initiatives that are Wanting to take over this market,, for example, sells textbooks for the iPad, allowing them to annotate and share at the same time that students enjoy animations, videos and resources that do not exist in the paper versions. But it is not from inkling. how do I want to talk to you and know about nookstudy, a program for PC and Mac that allows you to read and work with books of various categories in a surprising way.

We can import our own books, although their database has more than a million free copies in digital version. The other books, although some are sold at a 60% discount, are still very expensive, although if we compare them with the prices of this type of material in bookstores, we still come out ahead. Nook is also available in portable versions, allows you to add notes in books, search the Internet … it is the beginning of a much more pleasant and productive future inside and outside of schools. Link: nookstudy