Now Google Maps will remind you of all the places you have visited, photos taken, routines and more

Google location history is a tremendous tool that collects all the places we have visited and the different routes we follow every day; To get such data, simply use the GPS of our mobile devices and the Google account associated with them. Sure, you can disable such tracking by going to, but most keep you active.

In short, such records are presented on a map and in an organized chronological way, but What if combined with more advanced features like Google Maps and Google Photos to show in a more colorful and enriched way everything that has been achieved? This is what a new functionality called Your Timeline (Your timeline) that has just been featured on the official Google Maps blog and has started rolling out for all users.

Your Timeline It will be presented within the mobile applications of Google Maps and in its desktop version, and will allow remembering all the places that have been visited, travel routines of previous days, the photographs taken in those locations (with the help of Google Photos) and a lot of historical data, once again, offered thanks to the ever-present location history.

With Your Timeline So it will not be a problem to remember that well-known bar a few months ago or the museum visited a couple of years ago because its location and details will be a few taps away. That is, all the information is private and can be edited (give specific names to the locations: Casa de mi mam, Casa de Pablo, My favorite jogging track, etc.) as well as control (eg, delete the records of an individual place and date).

The novelty will appear first in the Maps for Android app (under the profile and email image) and in its desktop version.