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Now Hangouts allows you to control who can contact us

Hangouts has implemented, at least in the latest version of its Android application, an effective way to allow control over who can access to invite us to a new chat or contact us directly, something very uncomfortable until now because any stranger who got our email or phone number phone could start a conversation with us.

In short, it is a new panel of options that, in a disaggregated way, offers the possibility of defining, once again, who can contact us directly, who can hardly invite us and who cannot do either.

The disaggregation is due to the fact that, in addition to the fact that there are three main groups of users for whom this configuration can be defined (People who have our phone number, People who have our email and All others), it is also easy to modify for each of our circles on Google+.

To access such a new space, simply open Hangouts, display the menu on the left, click Adjustments, choose the email account in which you want to make the changes, click on the new option called Customize invitations of the section How others can contact you and proceed to choose the group or groups of users to which you want to modify their contact options.

Link: Hangouts on the Play Store