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Now it's possible to sign up for the beta of Slack for Linux

Slack, the popular communication platform for work teams, is already working on its official client for Linux and has announced on its official Twitter account that From now on it is possible to join the test group of its beta version. In addition to the web version, Slack has native applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, so there are not a few who expected a new delivery, this time, for Linux.

Well, for this segment of the public, in Slack they have arranged an online form to join the beta group of the official client for Linux receiving new builds and helping to polish the final version by feedback. It ensures that there may be bugs and other problems, although not extremely serious, so the desire for constant feedback for improvement is reaffirmed.

Of course, it is worth remembering that there were already several third-party clients to use Slack in Linux, for example, Plaidchat and ScudCloud, so it is of great interest that it is the same company that prioritizes the development of an official and native application even before Windows Phone, which is also highly required by users, that can take advantage of all its features (messaging, file sharing, synchronization between apps, security, integrations with other services, etc.).

In short, it is enough to indicate the name, surname, email and domain in Slack to join the beta version from the registration form.