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Now you can drag and drop files to attach them in Inbox

One of the most desired features of Gmail has come to Inbox, its successor -or at least, a rich official alternative-. This is the option to attach attachments by simply dragging and dropping them on the edit panelEven if they are images, they will be pasted directly into the body of the message.

Of course, the novelty applies to the web version of Inbox available at, being much more useful than attaching files by searching for them manually after extensive routes in the file browser.

As in Gmail, it works with multiple file formats that can be sent by email (documents, presentations, compressed folders, etc., in general, everything except executable files and uncompressed folders). As if that were not enough, you can drag multiple files simultaneously so that you do not have to attach them one by one, and if they are images, they will be specifically embedded in the place where they are released.

Anyway, another characteristic practice implemented by Google to convince more people to switch to Inbox resulting in this latest email service much more productive and with more and more emulated options from the great compendium offered by Gmail. It remains, for example, that more companies and institutions choose Inbox in their Google Apps -in mobile is perhaps where you notice such a need- and more possibilities in the customization of the inbox.

Goes: Inbox page on Google+