Ntaxi, an application that helps us share taxi with other people

There are many solutions on the market designed to order a taxi in different cities around the world. These types of applications are already so popular that it is difficult to find people who continue to order a taxi by phone, users prefer their smartphone, with the map indicating the position of the car that will come looking for you.

Today we are presented with a new proposal in this category, Ntaxi, with a striking difference: it is prepared so that users can request to share a taxi and thus divide expenses.

Available for Android and iOS, currently only in the city of Barcelona (they are already working on the expansion), it recalculates the route in real time each time you request to share a taxi with other people. This new route will be defined according to the destinations of the users, always thinking about the economic advantages, programmed to achieve up to 60% savings.

The idea is not to share the origin and destination, the goal is that part of the journey can also be shared. This economic division is not carried out on a personal level, it is the taxi driver who has an app developed for this purpose, according to those responsible for it.

On the need for frequency of use, they tell us:

(…) it is not necessary to use it too much, because although the person you want to share is not on your route, if you have the share option activated, the app will notify the taxi driver indicating the most appropriate route, so that he can redefine the route to be able to pick up those other users, provided that there is a substantial saving for all of them, and there is no significant time difference.

Original idea, without a doubt.