objetive c a swift

ObjectiveC2Swift, a tool to convert Objective-C code to Swift

Today they promote a new online tool called Product Hunt ObjectiveC2Swift which seeks to provide developers with the try to convert Objective-C code to Swift code, something to consider as Apple's new programming language is increasingly relevant in creating applications for its device ecosystem.

Of course, although the code in Swift is more intuitive in its syntax, it is not possible to give up Objective-C overnight, especially when much has been learned. Well, to facilitate the transition since although it is not complex it can be tedious, Alex Petuschak has designed ObjectiveC2Swift, a simple but effective tool that with just a click and instantly take care of translating a snippet of code in Objective- C to Swift syntax.

Copy and paste the functional code – which compiles in Xcode is enough – in Objective-C and click on Convert! it is enough to execute the translator task. A console at its bottom will be displayed to give information about the translation process.

Anyway, once again, a practical option to save some time when writing code in Swift. Incidentally, its author argues in Product Hunt that an upcoming integration of ObjectiveC2Swift with Xcode is planned who barely converts between different versions of Swift.

Link: Converter website