OEC, a search engine for international trade data

At we have an excellent tool that can be useful both for professionals who work with international trade and for journalists seeking information for their subjects.

Its about Observatory of Economic Complexity, a search engine that displays visual information on various countries, always with data on the products it imports and exports. We can ask natural questions in Spanish, how does Spain export ?, obtaining tables like the one you see in the figure below:

The project is the result of the work of Alexander Simoes in his doctorate at the MIT Media Lab, work that is published on the same website. The thesis was directed by Csar A. Hidalgo, and the web project was presented in 2010, always with MIT support.

In the presentation of the search engine there is a long list of people who have collaborated with the project, capable of delivering much more specific data, such as what you see in the new screenshot:

All results can be classified by categories (food, mineral products, precious metals, transport …), being necessary to hover over each table to obtain more information on the desired sector.

Unfortunately the data at this time comes only until 2012, although it will surely be loaded to be updated in the different countries.