Okk, mobile community to create activity groups instantly [iOS]

Those users who want to find people who are in the same city to share different types of activities, in addition to being able to participate in related groups through Facebook, which could take a long time, can also use their mobile devices, be part of and participate within the Okk mobile community, currently available only to users in the United States and currently available for iOS devices, although a version for Android devices is also on the way.

The idea is that someone make a suggestion to carry out a specific activity, of any kind, so that possible interested parties to participate in it appear. Okk allows the person who is going to organize the activity to decide who is going to be part and who is not. With this, the activity group is generated, the main task of Okk, where both the organizer of the activity and the participants can be in contact and plan all aspects of the activity that they are going to carry out, depending on each case, and can even finally share the photos of the activity once it has been done.

From the Okk mobile community itself, users are required to be at least 17 years old to download the application, which is available through the Apple App Store under version 1.1 for iOS devices from version 8.0 onwards.