OLED for everyone: LG refocuses its premium televisions on smaller classrooms

OLED for everyone: LG refocuses its premium televisions on smaller classrooms

OLED for everyone: LG refocuses its premium televisions on smaller classrooms

Wide-format televisions are a bit like those amazing cars we see online. Although we may have the ability to access them,We are hardly going to be able to use them.Because televisionspremiumIf they have a problem, it is that they do not fit in the rooms of us mortals.LG’s OLED TVs for CES come to change this.

LG returns to the fray at CES in Las Vegas 2020 with its new range of OLED and NanoCell TVs. This time the range is nourished by 14 new models, highlighting what many users have been demanding:variety in sizesopting for some smaller format models for those rooms already mentioned.

The firm highlights the inclusion of a new model48-inch using OLED technology,something that until now was rare in the industry. Of course, LG did not want to miss the opportunity to launch a high-end consisting of monstrous 8K televisions.

LG bets on more moderate TVs without sacrificing the OLED

Specifically, we speakof 14 modelsthat nurture LG’s product portfolio in its range of televisions. Exactly 3GX Gallery4K Ultra HD models77 and 88 inches with real 8K and NanoCell technologyand the one that interests us most: the 48-inch model. Until now, in order for manufacturers to include OLEDs in their devices, it was almost necessary that the size befrom 55 upto compensate them.

But why? OLED is a mineral and it treats the display panel very differently from the LED that has been used all its life. Its manufacture is more elaborate, leading to a higher cost and therefore needing to offset that cost with televisions premium55 inches up. 48-inch size meets the needof users who can afford these televisions but who, in turn, have little space to put these televisions.

This is something that we have commented on Omicrono on several occasions; Although these large format televisions are great for living rooms and large rooms, they are “mostrencos” that do not fit in all rooms. They are a significant expense of space that, on occasions, must be reorganized in such a way that it is necessary to change the layout of the room.

The 4K UHD modelOLED48CX has as an important sales focus the technology that until now was reserved for its older brothers. Count onmore than 8 million pixelswhich, in LG’s words, is comparable to a 96-inch 8K television.

Among other advantages, this television has the already well-knownLG Artificial Intelligenceto perform voice commands and compatibilitywith Nvidia G-SYNC,to avoid visual problems in gaming sessions liketearingor strange elements on the screen. Of course, there is no shortage of HDR compatibility, ideal to take advantage of this class of OLED panels.

As far as the most superior models are concerned, those that integrate real 8K, these will offer4x more detailthan his 4K brothers. The 8K will be authentic, as it will meet the parameters established by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for Ultra HD 8K televisions.

This and the rest of the LG models, both the NanoCells and the OLEDs will be shown at CES in Las Vegas 2020 and will hit the market sometime in 2020. Unfortunately, LG has not yet given any official prices or dates.