oneDrum - User collaboration platform integrated with Microsoft Office

oneDrum – User collaboration platform integrated with Microsoft Office

Users who need to work collaboratively on the same office document, now we have it easier since we can use oneDrum, a collaboration platform launching its service as public beta. This service works through a desktop application on both Windows and Mac, and for us to understand each other in a certain way, adds the collaborative social layer to Microsoft’s office application, Microsoft Office. OneDrum takes care of everything related to collaboration, allowing us to have our list of contacts, which we can sort into different groups, and on which we can establish conversations, share files and work together but remotely, allowing each of us to have a copy of the resulting file in a synchronized way, which we can access whether or not we are connected to the Internet. According to its co-founder, Jasper Westaway, the use of Microsoft Office it is a proof of concept, but developers who require it can take it to their own applications. With the launch of this public beta The private beta of its API is accompanied, where developers can connect their desktop and / or web applications with this collaboration platform. Link: oneDrum | Goes: TheNextWeb