Online Course on Stock Market Investment, internationally awarded – free for WWWhatsnew readers

Academy of Financial Trading is an academy that, created by Traders for traders, offers the possibility to train online explaining technical trading opportunities, understand the highly liquid markets and offer a unique perspective on Stock Market Investment In the financial market, three pillars that they achieve thanks to the fact that the founders are professionals who come from some of the largest financial brokerages globally.

The academy won the Best Online Trading Educator Award in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, and they offer several courses related to the world of the Stock Market, all of them available on their website.

The one presented to us today is Trading Basics, course available at and taught in 7 languages ​​by specialized teaching teams. The course has already been conducted by more than 124,000 people worldwide, an online course consisting of 10 one-hour modules, each lasting a total of four weeks. The objective of it is to learn to operate with confidence, also focusing on the technical and fundamental aspects of trading. They offer help at all times so that you can invest in the Stock Market with confidence, both in stocks and in currencies and commodities.

During the course you can access a free MetaTrader demo that allows you to carry out market simulations and practice in real time without any risk, and will make calls to students to answer questions and help with the tests, as well as to carry out an individual assessment. At the end of the course we will have a Accredited Certificate of Completion.

Free access to the course

You can check the full agenda at this link. To enjoy this free course click here and enter the code whatsaft2015.

Another option, more basic

If you do not know if this is the world of the stock market, you can do the course Introduction to Financial Trading, with only 3 classes for 1 week. Click here to access the course registration for free and enter the code: whatsintro2015.