Online courses with live classes for WWWhatsnew readers

If you have been a reader of WWWhatsnew for some years you will have noticed that we are fans of quality online education. We started publicizing free online courses more than 10 years ago, when it was a rare practice on the Internet, and we continue to do so every month, finding new partners who reduce the price of their courses to zero so that our readers can enjoy them without making them cry. to the bag.

The business model for institutions is clear, if they show online courses for free to a limited number of people, they spread the word, that many talk about their quality or the innovative system they present.

That is what we have achieved with Benowu, an online course platform that offers live classes, and that already has a specific page for you, WWWhatsnew readers.

Available at, it will be updated with the courses that are available. At the moment we have:

Stock market course: 04/19/2021 and 05/24/2021 Photography course: 04/19/2021 and 05/24/2021 App creation course: 04/19/2021 and 05/24/2021 Marketing course: 04/20/2021 and 05/25/2021 Yoga Introductory Course: 04/19/2021

As you can see, not everything is about technology, we also look for spaces to invest, photograph and even to do Yoga.

The dates are fixed as they are live online classes, so if you want to participate in the courses, put it in Google Calendar