OnMail arrives, the new email service that will prevent spam

OnMail is an email service created by Edison Mail, a new option that hits the market today with public beta and a free option of 10 GB of space.

Its goal is to allow you to read emails from other sources, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and others, offering a completely new email service that is designed around privacy and convenience.

OnMail has the ability to filter every new sender who tries to send us an email. Every time we receive one, it asks us if we accept it or not, so that it learns so that our inbox is always free of spam. It only allows the contacts we want to enter the inbox.

It also has unsubscribe and blocking functions, and allows you to filter email into small subsections, as well as offering a search that supports a more natural language, making it easier to find content.

Another interesting topic is the automatic blocking of read receipts, so that it prevents people from tracking if we have read the emails (something that tools like Mailtrack will not be very funny).

It also has the features of Edison’s existing email application, such as package and flight tracking, invoice and receipt filtering, and price alerts on recent purchases.

Attachments can be up to 100MB in size on the free plan (up to 5GB on the premium subscription).

The free version allows you to have an email of the type user@onmail.com and includes 10 GB of storage, and will gradually open to users. Payment plans are already available from now. Email accounts with less than 8 characters of username can only be paid.

At the moment it is only available through a web application at onmail.com, although the Edison Mail applications on iOS, Android and Mac will also be able to access the accounts.