Ooberdocs, to copy the attachments you receive in your Dropbox folder

Today they have officially presented Ooberdocs, an application designed during the TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon that offers us better organization and connection between the attachments stored in our inbox and our Dropbox folder – the application automatically copies these files to us in the folder in the cloud so that we don’t have to worry about downloading, saving or deleting them.

The application is functional, and from now on it can be used although some bugs are still being fixed. For now we can create the connection between Dropbox and our GMail account – soon they will also offer the possibility of using the service in Yahoo’s email. The purpose of the creators of Ooberdocs is to be able to add support for OneDrive, Google Drive and Box, so that we can choose where to automatically save the documents that are sent to us – although yes, it has been a very wise step to start with Dropbox. The service also has extra options, such as being able to receive an SMS when new files are received and deciding how they will be ordered within the same Dropbox folder.

For now Ooberdocs is free, although in the future its founders do not rule out making it a paid product or adding some premium options as a monetization option.