OOYYO - A used car finder in 56 countries

OOYYO – A used car finder in 56 countries

ooyyo is a used car finder that searches worldwide registries for millions of cars in 56 different countries.

Curious to learn more about the project, he contacted their press department to ask them some questions.

What is OOYYO and how did the project start

OOYYO is a global search engine for used cars that started in 2008. Initially it only covered the European Union, it was in 2009 when they began to reach out to the whole world, expanding their work team and gaining users all over the planet.

How many people are behind OOYYO

There are currently 22 people working on the project, plus several freelance contributors and external companies that collaborate with them.

Due to the complexity of the project, we consider ourselves an army giving more than the maximum of each one of us to make possible the presence in each country.

In which country is the greatest growth

OOYYO is present in 56 countries and 26 languages, offering more than 22 million used cars. Currently the market is growing a lot in the UK, with 2 million cars, in Spain, with 1.3 million, in Germany, also with more than 2 million and France, with 1 million.

OOYYO’s priority is to invest more in the Spanish and Latin American markets, including Brazil.

About the business model

The main service they offer is to sell cars indirectly based on the needs of users, pointing to the websites where the car is sold.

The idea is to become in a short time the Google of used cars, allowing to increase the amount of information sources to be able to serve as a bridge between those who sell and those who buy.

The businesses that can be carried out in this way are very varied, from advertising sales, outstanding results, sponsorships, etc.