Opal, a chewy ice machine that triumphs at Indiegogo

Today we are talking about Opal, a machine capable of generating chewy ice (also known as nugget ice) who is reaping quite a bit of success in Indiegogo.

Although chewable ice is not a new concept, until now we did not have an affordable machine for home use. In fact, the price of this type of machine is usually really high. If we focus on the main characteristics of Opal, the machine has a number of peculiarities that make it a very interesting product. As we mentioned, It is capable of creating ice designed to be chewed (inside it has 50% air). This type of ice is capable of absorbing the flavor of the drinks, which is interesting considering that we can use the machine to create ice with any type of liquid (water, juices, soft drinks, etc.). As for its use, it promises to be quite simple. In fact, you simply have to fill the removable tray with water or another liquid and wait for the ice to form: the machine only needs 15 minutes to create an ice glass, being able to generate up to four glasses per hour. If we focus on its total capacity, it can store up to 1.36kg of ice (for which 6 glasses of water must be added). Lastly, it is important to note that the machine needs to be connected to a 120V power source to operate.

As we anticipated, the Indiegogo campaign is being a complete success. For now, with 25 days to go, Opal has managed to raise more than a million dollars in just 5 days, far exceeding the 150,000 dollars they requested. As for its price, it will be sold for $ 399 and will be available during the next summer. Next, we leave you with the video presentation of the campaign:

Link: Indiegogo.