Open for Holidays 2011 - Educational activities designed for digital natives

Open for Holidays 2011 – Educational activities designed for digital natives

Open for Holidays is the proposal made by the Minister of Education of the Junta de Castilla y Len so that the students of Early Childhood Education, Primary and ESO have a fun summer at the same time they reinforce the contents they have worked on during the 2010-2011 academic year. In the Children’s area, plus games to review math, science, and English; They have introduced psycho-pedagogical activities in an interactive scenario format for the development of spatio-temporal orientation, memory and attention. An innovative initiative that had not been included in the past editions of the summer desktops, other than in the well-known Play and Learn section. For Primary Education students, they also present innovative initiatives, such as Submarine Adventure, an interactive activity in Trivial format with which children from 6 to 12 years of age can reinforce the content worked on during the course. These students will also be able to review with the space adventure, a proposal clearly based on discovery learning. One of the jewels of this proposal is undoubtedly, Destiny Mates, a set of very creative educational activities, aimed at consolidating mathematical logic competence. The psycho-pedagogical work and the analysis carried out to make the proposal attractive to Primary students is worth mentioning, since no element of mathematics learning is left untreated. High school students also have their own version of Destiny Math. In addition, they have the crazy lab an activity that clearly aims to reduce the affective filter towards experimental sciences, an area that many 12 to 16 year old students fear due to its complexity. On the other hand, Jungle adventure helps them review the content they studied during the course using the same formula as the Primary Underwater Adventure. Both resources try to attract the student by giving him the option to play by registering, as in Tuenti, save the games and compete to achieve a prominent place in the ranking. But there is even more, since ESO students have a rally game to review history, a brain training area with brain training games and many additional interactive games. It should be noted that, in accordance with the trend of offering a bilingual Curriculum to students, increasingly present in many educational centers, a large part of the activities are available both in Spanish and English. It is about more than 100 activities designed specifically for digital natives, based on an exhaustive analysis of the training needs they present, as well as the presentation format that is most attractive to them. So, you have to try it and tell how children and adolescents respond to this original proposal.