Open Source Search Engines Every Developer Should Know About

Open Source Search Engines Every Developer Should Know About

As surely everyone knows, the different Internet search engines, as well as the sites that offer their own internally, use a search engine In charge of carrying out the different calculations or operations that allow assigning positions to the results in each search, seeking that the first places are occupied by that content that may be more relevant to the user who carries out the search. Well, today, We present a compilation, made at, with several open source search engines (including plugins for WordPress) that any developer should know and take into account if they need one.


This is one of the most preferred engines in the case of business sites, where you want to have maximum control over the indexed data, as well as compatibility to index sitemap and RSS protocols. It has a very simple graphical interface and is based on the Apache Sorl project using Lucene as the main engine.


Like Constellio, SearchBlox uses Lucene as its main engine. It is a competitor of Google Mini that uses Java technology. Its virtue is that it offers an application that allows you to work in a more comfortable way and solve different problems more easily. It also allows indexing from third party sites.

Apache Solr

This search engine is one of the most complete. This is so because it provides different functions and benefits to the user such as full-text searches, the ability to index documents of various types, or highlight results. It is based on the Java library and includes a graphical interface for administration.


Written in C ++, Sphinx is one of the most recommended alternatives for those looking to customize their search engine since, through different options, it offers the possibility of fine-tuning the relevance algorithm, as well as indicating indices or determining parameters that should be taken into account in each search.

Google Mini

The best way to wear Google technology to your siteAlthough the truth is that this alternative is aimed more at companies with good monthly or annual budgets, since the cost of data indexing is quite high. To give us an idea, with an initial cost of almost 2,000 dollars (and an annual plan of almost 1,000), we can index up to 50,000 documents, while if we want to multiply that figure by 6 (that is, index up to 300,000), we must pay almost $ 9,000, or opt for the unlimited indexing plan for just $ 30,000.

Search plugins for WordPress

Although WordPress is a platform widely used in blogs, many consider that the native search application does not fully meet its objective, so the option to install one of the following plugins can be considered:Google Search for WordPressMore from GoogleSearch APIRelevanssiSearch EverythingSearch UnleashedIn all these cases, the functionalities of the search engine offered on our site will be considerably increased, as well as the management of the search engine will become much more complete. Keep in mind that as they are plugins, it is necessary to keep them duly updated. In addition, some of them (like Relevanssi), have paid versions that may interest you.

Other available alternatives

DataParkSearch – Search engine intended only for the organization of information within a website or group.OpenSearchServer – Easy to maneuver and high performance software that seeks to offer easy access to information.OpenFTS – This search engine has the advantage of being able to make restrictions on the search results in a simple way.ElasticSearch – One of the most modern alternatives, although perhaps also very complex.