OpenLibrary - One website for each published book

OpenLibrary – One website for each published book

This is the ambitious motto of this collaborative wiki that intends that every book that has ever been published has its replica on the web. From the direction of the project we are encouraged to register on the page the books that we know or to enrich the files that already exist. If the file contains the information, it can be read online in the most popular formats (pdf, plain text, DAISY, ePub, DjVi, MOBI) and even sent to the Kindle. They say they have already collected about 30 million records (more than 13 million are already available on the site) and have created a technological infrastructure that allows a full-text search in 230,000 digitized books. It is a very complete project, they have a guided tour, more questions. frequent mentions in the press, information about people, about the interface, about technology, about librarianship, about how you can help yourself, a calendar of events, etc. It is an open project: the software is free, the data is public, the documentation is public and open, and the site is public. They have just incorporated a new internationalization function that makes it possible for users to translate the interface into any language. Automatic translations are now used for some pages from Spanish, French and Telugu. A similar project is called the Online Computer Library Center but OpenLibrary is even more collaborative and free. The project is sponsored by the Internet Archive, and is supported in part by a grant from the California State Library. To stay up to date, subscribe to the general mailing list.