OpenTED, a TED initiative to share our ideas

OpenTED is a new platform created by TED to share and discover new ideas.

To do this, they invite users to share through a video an idea they want to make known to the world. It does not follow the format of the TED Talk, but they give freedom to express the idea in the way that is desired, as long as it is presented as a video.

It can be a presentation, a documentary, an animation, an interview, etc. It doesn't matter if the idea is based on personal reflection, a campaign, a product, a social change, as long as you have the spirit to inspire others. The videos cannot exceed 6 minutes and must respect the conditions that are clearly detailed on the platform.

The community will be in charge of discovering and voting the best videos that are presented, and according to popularity they can be considered to be the TED talk of the day or to be invited to one of their conferences.

If we need inspiration to present our idea, we can take a tour of some of the presentations suggested on the presentation page. It is important that we use creativity to present our idea in a clear and pleasant way.

There is time until October 15 to prepare and present our video. We can see all the conditions of this initiative in OpenTED.