apps club

Opera acquires the company after Apps Club, a premium subscription service for apps

Claro, Telcel, Telefnica and other operators with a presence in Latin America use the services of the Brazilian company Bemobi, with products such as Apps Club, to serve premium sets of applications for Android to their users within the monthly plans that the latter acquire; Meanwhile, developers can contact Bemobi to have their creations included in the selections offered by the operators.

So, the idea of ​​Bemobi is to provide premium apps especially in markets where it is not so easy for users to use a debit or credit card to pay for them, and facilitate a channel of promotion and monetization of applications different from that of the Play Store. Being limited the selection of apps to be presented within the mobile of each user to whom the collection of apps will be offered for a fee that you pay on your bill with the respective operator.

Well, Opera wants to take advantage of the popularity of Bemobi's services and its connections with operators to expand in Latin America, and incidentally enrich the portfolio of applications and other mobile products that it already exploits in the region. To do so, it has chosen to acquire the company in an agreement for which no exact values ​​are specified, but the reason for the transaction is clarified, as well as the number of clients it expects to initially take advantage of: 6 million users.

In short, it is noted that the company will maintain its CEO and that the agreement will end in the third quarter of this year.

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