Opineys, new project to create, participate and follow surveys

Opineys presents this new project based on surveys, a social network from which it is possible to create them, as well as participate in them and follow the accounts that publish the most interesting ones.

With the option of filtering them by categories, both from a mobile phone and from a computer, it is possible to participate without registering, although upon identification we will have more options available.

On the main page we see the latest surveys created by users of the community, highlighting the most popular. There are 15 categories that help to classify the result, categories that we can select during the creation of our survey. At that time we will see that it is possible to include up to 30 response options, without character limits in the options and with the option of adding photos or URLs from YouTube, GIF, Vine and Instagram, always showing the percentage and number of votes per option.

Created surveys can be easily shared on social media as well as embedded on any website to increase engagement.

Although it is a free platform, it has premium options that allow us to know detailed statistics and enrich our surveys with images or videos after response.

After seeing how Twitter and Google Plus have bet heavily on the creation of surveys, it seems that this sector has become fashionable again on the social web.