Options to create web pages without registration

Options to create web pages without registration

If we need to publish some information urgently on the web, I present several alternatives that will help you create pages without having to go through the tedious registrations, which sometimes even get quite long. We start the list with:


Axess.im is a tool with which we can write a web page in a matter of seconds, allowing the inclusion of links, videos and most of the resources of any content management system.


Very professional, with clean results and simple to use and update. It is also possible to add a password to access its content.


Webkippler offers us simple and useful tools to share content. Without the need for registration, fast and with the possibility of creating our own web page with the desired content.


In a third position we find instantpag, a simple alternative to create our site in a few minutes with a wide range of tools to fully customize the design and content of it.


Exactly, it is not an option to create a personal website, but it allows us to put together all the RSS feed we have on a single page, so we can read it more comfortably without having to see it one by one.


This is a pretty good alternative that allows us to create our website temporarily, meaning that the website will be automatically deleted after 90 days of its creation. Finally, if you use an application of this caliber, we would like you to comment on it in the comments, in this way, you will help other people to know new alternatives to create their personal websites without registration.