Options to create your wish list on the web

Options to create your wish list on the web

Now that the Three Wise Men are approaching, it is time to prepare the letter, and what better way than to do it online.

In Spanish we have a couple of options created especially for the great event on January 6, that of parabebes.com, with the option of choosing the king, that of terra, with Santa Claus included in the list of destinations or that of famous.es .

Anyway, here I leave you with three general options that already appeared at the time by wwwhatsnew.com.


It is an option that has been fighting since 2005, offering a fairly simple environment to use and with the possibility of customizing the aesthetics of the created lists.

You can inform the items you want and their approximate price, helping the Kings to find the most suitable for your wishes (only if you have been good, of course).


In this case we find that to generate the list, we must previously perform a search, and from the list of results choose those objects that we want to add, so that at a given moment, and from Giftee.me itself, we can directly perform the purchase.


You just have to add the elements you want, either by name or by url address of the virtual store where you are, and group them in our particular subdomain (myname.wantsthis.com).