Options to make backup copies of your phone book

Options to make backup copies of your phone book

Losing your mobile can become the worst of your problems. Few have a good backup of their contacts and it is not a trauma for them to change their phone or lose it.

Here are some options to start synchronizing the data:


It is an application in which you can open an account or enter through Facebook, Google, Windows Live, Yahoo or Flickr. It supports Outlook, Iphone, Android, Nokia HTC, SonyEricson, LG, BlackBerry, Palm, Samsung, Motorola and Windows Mobile. The updates, both yours and that of your contacts, are immediate.


In one place, we can have our online contacts and our phone book. You can enter through an account that we already have active such as Facebook, Yahoo, Aol, Google and OpenId or open a new account with our mail. To synchronize our mobile we will have to indicate the brand and model, although the telephone services are not as extensive as in the first nor are they all free. At the same time it allows us to import our contacts from Gmail, Vcards, MSN Live, Terra and some more.


Totally free, available for Facebook and Android, at the moment only for Windows (we will have to wait for Mac), it accepts a large number of phones: Ericson, Google, Alcatel, Acer, Ben Q, LG, Siemens, Sony Ericson, HTC …

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