OS.js, an "operating system" within the browser

Those of you who have spent some years reading WWWhatsnew will surely remember the time when cloud operating systems were very popular, a phase in which eyeOS stood out, a web desktop environment that followed the concept of Cloud Computing and that it bought in 2014 .

It was not the first or the last, but surely it was the most complete.

It is still possible to see some of these projects, and today we bring you back to, a web application in which we can use a menu (in the upper left) to open and run applications of various types, both games and office applications. .

In addition to being able to use applications that we generally do not use within a web page (although that was much more surprising 8 years ago, when large demonstrations began to be seen in this category), it is possible to change the environment settings, adapting both colors and background, among other variables.

The code is available on github, and installation instructions, as well as links to demos and videos dating back to 2014 can be viewed at

In terms of utility: it can be used to offer controlled applications within specific environments, just as eyeOS was used within schools, although it is true that today the idea does not seem as attractive as it did a few years ago.