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Over 30 voice commands to use with Cortana for Windows 10 (in Spanish)

And just as we dedicate a complete space and even a video to 110 Google Now voice commands, it is only fair to allow Cortana, the Microsoft voice assistant now also present in Windows 10, a quick guide to use to take advantage of it in a specific way. . The list goes hand in hand with the selection of the weekend in which we highlighted 10 ideas to get even more out of the new operating system.

Cortana Basic Settings

If you are in Spain, just click on the bar that says Search in Windows next to the Start menu, then click the Configuration (upper left) and then on the first button displayed, which is the one that will allow Cortana to activate. Subtract that you follow the personalization process such as entering your name and selecting some information cards.

To activate Hello, Cortana

Just as in Android it is possible to say Ok, Google, Cortana can be invoked saying Hello, Cortana. However, this option is not activated by default so you should return the Configuration from Cortana. That is, there will no longer be a gear wheel so you will have to press the notebook icon (also in the upper left), then in Configuration and then on the respective option to activate the new voice command.

Say Hello, Cortana to verify that it already works.

Using Cortana from Spain from other countries

As we previously noted thanks to an article from Microsoft, Cortana for Windows 10 was designed to initially work in the United States, United Kingdom, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain; In the coming months in Japan, Australia, Canada and India; And, at the end of the year, it is planned to reach Brazil and Mexico.

So, if you are not in any of the initial passes, you know that being in your country and you do not want to wait a few months or just like the rest of the world you have been in limbo since no more compatibility plans are mentioned, you can try to force your Windows 10 to adopt what is already present for the passes listed at the beginning.

Practical case:

Being from Colombia and like many others in Latin America, I had to resort to Cortana from Spain. Sure, since it doesn't work in my country, seeing a magnifying glass next to the Home button instead of a large search bar would be the one to invoke Cortana.

Well, I simply must change the region and location settings of my system and for this I must click on the magnifying glass icon, write Control Panel and select the section Clock, Language and Region. Since I don't want the watch to affect me, I simply need to adjust the Language and Region.

  1. For the language, click on Add a language and add the Espaol (Spain) in the list of languages ​​verifying that it comes first, that is, as the default.
  1. For the region, click on Change location. A pop-up window with three tabs will appear immediately: Formats, Location and Administrative. You need to visit the first tab to change the Format to Espaol (Spain) and go through the second tab to change the Main location to Spain. Subtract click To accept to save the changes.

And, that's it, subtract proceed as the first group of users with the basic settings of Cortana. By the way, In our first tests and despite the fact that Cortana could be configured, a connection error message appeared which was solved just by restarting the session in Windows 10.

More than 30 voice commands for Cortana in Spanish

Of course, although the commands in the list are not exclusive and are the ones we attest to having tried, you can customize and use them in a variety of ways (instead of Barcelona, ​​Lima; instead of what time is what time is, etc.). The key is to understand the structure and optimize the handling with trial and error as the assistant learns with use.

Time and weather

What time is it in Barcelona?

How is the weather?

Need an umbrella tomorrow?

Locations and traffic

Where am i

How long will it take to get to Medelln?

Traffic report

Directions to get to the Santiago Bernabu stadium

Application management

Open Excel (or any other application on the computer)

What song is this? (a kind of Shazam)

Put music

Appointments, reminders, alarms, and other events

Create an event

Appointment with Mara tomorrow at 10

Move my date with Mara for today afternoon

Show me my quotes

Remind me to call my mom

Show me my reminders

Create an alarm

Show me my alarms

Birthday at my events

Financial information, flights and calculations

Google actions today

10 euros to Mexican pesos (this is better to confirm with Google and other sources because it gave me a figure quite far from the real value when working with Colombian pesos)

How many are 100 Miles in Kilometers?

How much is 16 percent of 130,000?

Flight AA 125 status.

General culture information

Germany's capital

Define onomatopoeia


Cristiano Ronaldo stature.

See my videos

Tell me a joke (the one in the image was imitating me up to Darth Vader's voice)

What is the meaning of life?

More voice commands

Of course, these are not all the voice commands as you will find more in practice, however, a good starting point to get many more in fact, from there we used for much of the list – is to use the command Help.

Say hello, Cortana and right away Help, and immediately an interface will open with more commands for each of the topics covered by the voice assistant.

Switch to Bing by Google and simultaneously have Google Now voice commands

Of course, many inquiries made in Cortana go to within Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's new browser, particularly those that Cortana does not understand.

As well, Microsoft Edge and can be dispensed with by replacing them with Chrome and respectivelyFor example, to take advantage of the different smart actions and information cards of the Google search, from the classic functions (graphing functions, translating, displaying movie schedules, etc.) to, once again, some of the dozens of Google Now voice and / or Google search on mobile.

In short, to achieve this, two processes are required:

  1. Set Chrome as the default browser instead of Microsoft Edge: Go to the Start menu, write Default programs, then click Set default programs, select the icon Google Chrome and then tap Set this program as default so that all navigation actions pass to your hand.
  1. Redirect Bing searches as Google searches: For now there is no way to do it manually, or at least not easily, but it can be fixed with an extension like Bing2Google already present in the Chrome Web Store. Install it and check its automatic operation when executing a new command in Cortana.

If you don't like

Now, if you do not like the Google search engine, there is another extension for Chrome that redirects searches also to DuckDuckGo or Yahoo, whichever you choose. Its name is Chrometanae also found in the Chrome Web Store.

Do you have any other useful voice commands for Cortana? Feel free to show us in the comments.