Ozonmailing - A free newsletter manager, in Spanish

Ozonmailing – A free newsletter manager, in Spanish

OZONMailing It is a tool that we can use to send newsletters. It has been developed by OZONGO.com, one of the new sponsors of WWWhatsnew.com. With the possibility of sending up to 1000 emailings per month for free, it allows us to practice one of the activities most used by companies to communicate and increase customer satisfaction. The freemium service will contain a small advertising mark at the bottom, with other options, not free, such as creating a list of different recipients and classifying them by categories.

This feature allows your company to make a special shipment to several specific clients and offer special promotions to VIP buyers.

With OZONMailing we can know what time your newsletter was opened and what is the content of greatest interest to your audience. Thanks to these details you will be able to know the behavior of your clients, their tastes and preferences through the statistics of the administration panel provided by OZONGO.com, which will give you the necessary clues to achieve greater success of your projects in the future. We have to generate the content, upload it to the template, select the recipients and schedule a delivery time.