Pagenda, a game to increase the interaction between parents and children

Pagenda, a game to increase the interaction between parents and children

We are presented with an original game on, developed in Colombia with the aim of helping parents to fulfill missions with their children.

The idea is to allow the father to create real life missions to fulfill with his children (go to the dentist, have a party with his friends, go to the movies, study together etc …) and schedule a date and time for each one. These activities are recorded as if it were a game, with missions and reminders on the mobile so that no one forgets them.

If the father fulfills the mission he will be able to click on completed, otherwise he will have to report failed, obtaining points and experience to level up and see how his virtual tree grows.

Every time the player-parent fills his experience bar he levels up and his garden tree grows bigger and more beautiful, the goal is to grow 4 trees and reach level 60.

By allowing each player to schedule their missions, they include a fairly useful flexibility ingredient, allowing it to be more or less addictive depending on what is recorded there. When the children see the level of the tree, they will be the ones who begin to carry out the activities with the parents, thus increasing the interaction in real life (something very necessary in many cases).

The game has a report with the completed activities and their categories (General, Health, Sport, Art, Party and Study), helping to identify those that we do not usually complete adequately.