PageVamp, to transform our Facebook page into a website

Few people in the world know how to create a website, but many know how to create and maintain a Facebook page without many problems.

With this idea in mind, PageVamp was born, a solution that allows you to automatically create a website by importing content from Facebook, offering four really striking features:

– When we update our Facebook page, the web page will update automatically. – Once the initial content has been imported, we will be able to add and remove elements by dragging and dropping components to make the web page more complete, original and / or sophisticated. – All Website created with the tool can be viewed perfectly from mobile phones. – We can change templates at any time to change aesthetics with a single click.

In addition to having a content website, it is possible to include an e-commerce system to sell products directly from the created website, as well as manage SEO resources to have more visibility in search engines.

The solution is not free, it costs $ 15 a month, but depending on the needs of each client, it can be more profitable than creating and maintaining a separate website. Of course, it is important to remember that, although it is a fairly flexible solution, it is years away from offering a professional solution for those who need to include classified and professionally organized information, so they give 14 days of trial so that it can be done. check if it is exactly what we are looking for.