Passpad - smart password manager

Passpad – smart password manager

Many Internet users tend to be on several websites where we have to use our credentials to use their services, and the most logical thing is that we have different passwords for each of them. Until now, many applications, both web and desktop, allow us to store, order and manage our credentials, although the vision of Passpad it’s completely different. It is a service where we can organize our access credentials to the different websites, with the difference that does not store any of the passwords, rather the passwords are generated instantly when we type the master password on a virtual keyboard, so we have to follow the instructions and install the bookmarklet in order to use this application, which will force us, among other things, to change the password of each service we want to access using Passpad. At the moment it is in a private beta phase, and all its options are freely accessible to users who are beta testers, although later on, there will be the premium option. At the moment we can request our invitation and wait several days for the request to be accepted. Goes: