Path - An ambitious mobile social network

Path – An ambitious mobile social network

The market for personal social networks is practically monopolized by a few companies (Facebook, Tuenti …) although from time to time there are also promising projects that are a breath of fresh air, as is the case with Path.

And it is that after this social network for smartphones There are some industry heavyweights like Dave Morin (ex-Facebook) or Shawn Fanning (co-founder of Napster), so it is worth looking at it closely.

The idea behind the project is provide a safe environment in which users feel comfortable to share the photos you take with your phone, for that reason the number of friends that we can add is limited to 50, so that we only include family and close friends.

Once we take the photograph we must label three key points: people, place and action or thing, to frame it in a suitable context.

As icing on the cake, the network incorporates a functionality that many people missed on Facebook, which is see who has visited each of our photos, something to enchant the most curious.

At the moment the application is available for iPhone, although from what I could read on your blog they are developing new versions, so if you don’t have an Apple phone you will have to wait a little longer.

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