Paypal renews its function to prepare and manage invoices

The feature that allows you to send invoices via Paypal now receives a great update that will help you use the platform for much more than receiving or sending money.

Within the Create invoice menu we now have a complete form with many more fields, to customize the invoice and make clear what you want to charge. In the image below you can see an example of the new style:

On the one hand, they have added three new templates in order to be more flexible when registering services. One of them is ideal for registering quantity of objects, another for those who invoice hours, and the third for options that are not related to quantities or hours.

It also allows to request partial payments and define a minimum amount so that the customer can receive alerts reminding them of the times when payments must be made. In that case, the status of the invoices is marked as partially paid and will only be closed when the terms are completed.

The payment registration system has also been improved, allowing you to record whether the customer has paid by check or money, and allows you to save a PDF copy of all of them.

Add the CC function, to copy people (accountants, for example) who need to know how the payment process is going, as well as the possibility of creating a unique link to share a specific invoice.

A great step to transform Paypal into a complete invoice manager