People of Media - collaborative learning of communicators

People of Media – collaborative learning of communicators

Gente de Medios is an online resource center produced and coordinated by Radio Nederland Training Center (RNTC). His aspiration is to strengthen media production and collaborative learning of the community of practice of female communicators and communicators in the media community, citizen, local or participatory. To do this, we take advantage of information and communication technologies (ICT), in an environment of digital convergence that allows us to reinforce citizen participation based on the needs and interests of the target people.

Using Web 2.0 tools and multimedia content of articles, news, courses, scripts, audio and video files, among others, Gente de Medios is a virtual space for:

Interact and share productions and experiences with the support of digital ICTs, and their convergence with traditional analog formats.‚Äď Facilitate the work of communicators and communicators through pedagogical resources for the treatment of the form and content of the messages, together with proposals for learning practices and the use of new ICT for development. Promote co-production and sharing of materials, experiences and knowledge among the community of practice of community, citizen, local or participatory media. Cooperate with the strengthening of local networks, regional and international related to media, education and development.