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Perfect Tube, free app to use YouTube on Windows Phone

Something uncomfortable when wanting to enjoy YouTube videos and functions from a Windows Phone mobile is that there are no official applications published by Google for this system, in fact, it is unlikely to see such an app in the near future.

Fortunately, the development of third-party clients as brilliant as MyTube is still allowed! and Metrotube that bring several of its most interesting features to the hand of WP users. However, although their price is minimal, not everyone has the possibility of acquiring them to take full advantage of their tools.

This is where it appears Perfect Tube, a new free YouTube application for Windows Phone with also striking features, in particular, being able to connect a current YouTube account to upload videos, manage favorites, subscriptions, histories and playlists as well as view and post comments.

Their plan is to offer such a comprehensive experience that even includes buttons to view full-screen videos horizontally and vertically, change their quality, manage their elegant interface with simple gestures, keep videos thumbnail while searching for others and much more.

And, speaking of search, it also highlights its advanced panel that will give access to both the most popular videos and channels to which it is possible to subscribe instantly – as well as remote consultations. In short, an interesting, novel and well-designed free option to consider.

Link: Perfect Tube on the Windows Phone Store