Pictarine - gather your images online in the same web application

Pictarine – gather your images online in the same web application

There are already many options that users have when it comes to uploading and sharing our photos with our family and friends, photos that are scattered on these platforms, and that Pictarine tries to bring order to such a situation. It is a service, in private beta phase, that allows us to combine and manage the images that we have hosted on different platforms in it, supporting for now Facebook, Flickr and Picasa. Not only can we obtain the photographs of these platforms, but also our contacts, so that when we create new albums, called Zests, whether they are public or private, we can count on their collaboration so that in addition to seeing said albums, they can contribute your images. If our albums are public, they will have their own URL, and if they are private, only selected friends will be able to access these albums, although we can allow them to invite others to access those albums. One of the interesting things about each album, in addition to being able to see them as a slide show, is that we can download the individual images or the entire album. Another interesting fact is that when we are creating our albums, we can also upload photos that we have hosted locally. An interesting service that does not replace any photo publishing platform, but offers a unique place where you can view and manage photos with ease and comfort. Goes: TheNextWeb