Picturesque Lock Screen

Picturesque Lock Screen, new Microsoft Garage lock screen application

As we already reported months ago, Microsoft Garage is a Microsoft initiative by which it allows its employees to develop those ideas that they have in mind to bring them to reality experimentally within the free time that the company offers them. We have already seen some of the applications that employees have developed within this initiative, among which is the lock screen application for Android Next Lock Screen, which was launched in October.

Well, now they have just launched another lock screen application for Android devices, called Picturesque Lock Screen, although it is not yet available internationally for installation through Google Play. Picturesque Lock Screen brings a lot of functions to the lock screen on Android, offering elegant daily background images, search engine integrated under the Bing engine that allows the reading of the linked pages in the results without the need to unlock the device, section Latest news that allows access to the full contents of articles, quick notifications of calls and messages, and much more.

Although it is not yet available internationally, those who are within the scope of availability of this application must have Android devices from version 4.0.3 onwards. Currently, the average ratings received by users are positive.