Pidemesa - restaurant table search and reservation system

Pidemesa – restaurant table search and reservation system

With the rise of the internet, users are getting used to doing a series of things electronically, saving us time and money. And precisely time and money is what we can save when it comes to search and make restaurant reservations from all over Spain thanks to Order table, a platform that facilitates such work. We can search for restaurants in Spain through the map, where in each province we will see those registered restaurants, although we can also perform searches in the search engine in case our favorite restaurant is found. There is also a directory of restaurants by categories and a list of the restaurants best valued by users and another of the most recommended. In any case, it also allows us to create our own list of favorite restaurants and share them with our friends on some social networks. To get a better idea, each restaurant will have a file with all the necessary information, from location to the menus that are served, through the opinions and ratings of other users who already know it, allowing us to have a better idea and reserve a table at that restaurant that we want on the day and time we choose, for which we must be registered as users, and the confirmation of our reservation will be made through an SMS message. As negative aspects we have the small number of restaurants registered in many Spanish provinces, and the absence of an advanced search engine where we can filter restaurants based on a series of criteria (type of food, province, price range, evaluations …). Va: Seetio