Ping - Apple's new social network

Ping – Apple’s new social network

Ping is Apple’s new social network, integrated into its famous iTunes software used by millions and millions of users around the world.

Basically what this social network offers us is the possibility of follow our friends or artists and to be able to share with them everything we hear and download. A social network with an application for iPhone and iPod touch, which will allow us to see the updates of the artists anywhere.

Ping is in the iTunes app on your iPhone and iPod touch, so you can see artist updates from wherever you are [‚Ķ] You don’t have to be on your computer to follow your friends: Ping works in the iTunes app on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Also, you can find more people who like the music you listen to with a simple search or connect your Facebook account to send invitations to your friends, or if you prefer to send invitations by email.

On the other hand, we find a section named Top Charts where you can see what music your friends are listening to and listen to it with a simple click.

There is no better way to discover new music than to find out what your colleagues are listening to. Ping informs you about the musical tastes of your friends with the pages of their profiles.

In short, a good social network similar to Facebook or Spotify that includes similar functions, let’s see how it starts to take off and if it hooks users or stays by the wayside. What seems clear is that if MySpace was occupying the artists’ cheese on social media, their business model is now seriously threatened with a ping.