Pio Smart Recorder

Pio Smart Recorder, app for iOS with which to mark the key moments of your recordings

Although smartphones include native applications with which to record audio, it is likely that their limited options will be scarce if you usually use this type of tools regularly or for professional purposes. For this reason, today we are talking about Pio Smart Recorder, a free app for iOS that will allow you to record audio and mark the most important moments of the recording to facilitate its later location.

Without a doubt, it is a really useful feature, since thanks to the same you won't have to constantly go forward and rewind in a recording that is tens of minutes long until you find the part you are looking for. In general, the operation of Pio Smart Recorder is quite intuitive. During a recording, you only have to press on the screen to mark the beginning of a key moment, being necessary to press again to mark its end. Also, the application offers the possibility of exporting your recordings to platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive, although for this you need to pay for an in-app purchase of 0.99. Finally, another feature that draws attention is the possibility of exporting the entire recording or only the fragments that you have highlighted, something quite interesting when it comes to sharing a recording with coworkers.

You can download Pio Smart Recorder for free through the App Store.