avion propulsado por hidrogeno piper m

Piper M, the world’s largest hydrogen-powered aircraft, made its maiden flight

Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, the Piper M, a commercial aircraft from ZeroAvia, managed to make its first flight a few days ago.

This feat has made the Piper M the largest hydrogen-powered aircraft in the world, with ZeroAvia’s research and development facility in Cranfield, England, being the location used to carry out the takeoff, which marked the preamble to a flight. where the Piper M will make a complete circuit before landing.

It should be noted that this test flight is a continuation of the one carried out by the company in June this year in the United Kingdom, with a commercial scale aircraft powered by electricity. Both test flights are framed as part of ZeroAvia’s HyFlyer project, which seeks to produce a propulsion system based on a combination of hydrogen and electricity.

If successful, this system would be incorporated in the future in conventional aircraft, as well as in new airframes, also contemplating the development of a hydrogen infrastructure that makes its power supply possible.

In reference to this, ZeroAvia points out that the technology has the capacity to be scalable in the short term, which is why they remain optimistic in setting the goal of putting into service a 10 to 20 seat aircraft in a period of 3 years.

Other projections made by the company would be a 50 to 100 seat aircraft by 2030, as well as a 200 seat aircraft by 2040 that will have a range of 5,556 km.

ZeroAvia claims that the next and last leg on its 6-seat plane is its testing on a 400-kilometer flight from an airfield in the Orkney Islands north of Scotland.