Pivo, an interesting complement for mobile captures

On crowdfunding platforms we can find surprising inventions that do not go unnoticed. Pivo is one of them, currently having its campaign open through the Kickstarter platform, having currently obtained more than 500% financing within 47 days of its closure.

Basically, Pivo is an interactive robotic mobile phone dock designed to help users create stunning photos, videos, and GIFs, even having creative modes that will not be found elsewhere. Note that Pivo will use its complementary application to work, available for Android and iOS platforms.

Pivo has 12 capture modes: With 9 creative modes, two tracking modes, and with multiple streaming mode across different live platforms.

To get an idea of ​​what Pivo offers, among its creative modes is ManyMe, an option that will allow users to duplicate under the same scene. I try to move around to capture parts of a scene and then compose it in its entirety, offering that same scene with the user multiplied a number of times, at different points and taking different forms.

We have another example in Versus, which allows one user to focus for a few seconds and then direct the camera's focus to another for a few seconds as well, and start again. In addition, within the creative modes are also Timelapse, Tiny Planet (for spherical photos), among others.

Both auto-tracking modes will come in handy for video bloggers, allowing to move around the stage, directing the eyes of the cameras of the phones wherever they are located. The two available auto-tracking modes are: face tracking (I imagine how useful it could be for cooking video blogs) and object tracking.

Those interested may obtain more information on the campaign website to acquire their unit from $ 79 onwards, depending on the rewards, taking into account that They will ship in March next year to anywhere in the world.