Chromecast HBO Now

Pixlr, HBO NOW and other services and apps already compatible with Chromecast

Good news for owners of Chromecast devices as they are now compatible with a new collection of mobile services and applications: from the new monthly subscription streaming service, HBO NOW, even an entertaining word guessing game with family and friends, Catch Phrase Blitz.

Game of Thrones, Girls, True Detective and other famous HBO series can now be enjoyed in a better way thanks to the new Chromecast support, both on Android and iOS; It is worth remembering that only weeks after appearing as an exclusive service for the Apple family of devices including Apple TV- it is already possible to find the HBO NOW apps in the Play Store and the Amazon Store.

In the area of ​​games, they give notice of compatibility with Chromecast a couple of titles: Catch Phrase Blitz, a word guessing game after the game performed and used to control the progress of the game, and FitFlap Available soon-, an application that through the mobile camera allows you to control an animated character that flaps as much as the user in front of the camera.

The useful tools of the popular photo editor (Pixlr), episodes of the service of a channel for food lovers (Food Network), another for inveterate travelers (Watch Travel Channel) and one more for the fans of Pokemon (Pokemon tv) complete the list of services and applications that are now more practical, particularly if they are run by the hand of a Chromecast.

More information: Official Chrome blog