Pizap - Excellent and fun online photo editor

Pizap – Excellent and fun online photo editor

In WWWhatsnew we have discussed hundreds of image editors, today we will discuss one more, a classic that has been fighting for many years: Pizap, a simple and entertaining image editor with which we can make our collages and editions in a really entertaining way.


Pizap can be used in several ways: From the Facebook application or directly from the official page The first step to follow to start editing our image is to upload it to the service’s servers to manage it through the interface, for this we can use several ways: From a file hosted on our computer to using the photos already uploaded on our Facebook social profile.Once uploaded, the next step is to choose the background that will make up our collage, then we just have to use the different tools it provides the service, among which we can highlight: The insertion of facial areas (eyes, nose, mouth, ears …), icons, dozens of effects or even using a brush to draw our most creative art.It should be noted in Pizap the Cut out or Face function (which we will find in the upper part), it is a feature that allows us to cut a face in a professional way to insert in our photograph.Once all the corresponding edition is finished, we will only The image remains to be saved and if we wish to share it through our social profiles, in this way our friends will be able to see the creations at the moment.


If we wish, Pizap allows us to create an account which will open several new functions, such as the creation and management of photographic galleries, total control over the privacy of the same and our images, the possibility of commenting on the galleries of other users. , etc. In this step we can use two types of registration: The standard form or using our Facebook account through Facebook Connect.

Galleries and home page

User galleys can be voted through a score from one to five, this score will be saved in the Pizap database for a later count and the generation of a list of the most scored, which we will find on the main page. On the same main page we will find the most visited, as well as the most relevant users of the portal.

Facebook application

Pizap does not want to miss the advancement of social networks and the potential that exists in them for a moment, that is why they have created an application that allows us to enjoy the advantages offered by the service from within the social network.

Your opinion counts

If you have tried Pizap or are in the process, we would like you to briefly tell us what your browsing experience has been.