Playcomic - an open software to create your own comic online

Playcomic – an open software to create your own comic online

This program, carried out in flash and with an open format, is a fun, agile and versatile tool to develop the written expression of students in both Spanish and English.

The software can be used both individually and in group sessions with a digital whiteboard and has games, comics and ideas for students to create their own work.

Playcomic, developed by Antonio Muoz Germn, has been carried out in accordance with the following methodological principles:

1. Construction of meaningful learning.2. Development of written ability 3. Respect for the individual rhythm of learning 4. Increase the degree of motivation of the student 5. Ease and speed of execution.

The simplicity of its navigation, its intuitive interface and the ease of use of the tools will allow students to enjoy this teaching material from their first experiences with it. However, the software offers the possibility of choosing three teacher levels, as well as using a help system at all times.

The web also has an accessible version, more intuitive and even easier to use than the standard version.

On the main page of the program, teachers can download a teaching guide and a detailed guide for use in the classroom. In it, the different games are presented and ideas and dynamics are provided for their application in the classroom.