plex nuevo buscador

Plex, the multimedia center, renews its web interface and adds even a smart search engine

Plex, the productive tool to manage huge amounts of multimedia content (photos, music and videos) and make them available on any device through streaming (mobile phones, tablets, PCs, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, etc.), has renewed its interface website to make it more comfortable on touch screens and smarter when searching.

The options for discovering content stand out at the start, for example, those played in a specific month or those that have not been taken a long time ago. Also, a new zoom option arrives to quickly resize the descriptive posters and simultaneously display as many elements as necessary, in addition, it facilitates in devices with touch screens the displacement in the horizontal lists.

That s, the best comes with its brand new intelligent search engine based on four pillars, that is, being fast, complete, condescending and intelligent:

Fast: The search results are displayed 50 to 75 times faster than in the previous search engine, of course, they appear and adjust dynamically as you type.

Full: Genres, protagonists, playlists and other types of content are indexed and presented in the instant results to enrich what is required through the main search.

Condescending: Perhaps not everyone can write words like Schwarzenegger or Gyllenhaal without error, so Plex will be in charge of understanding what is really sought even in the presence of incorrect writing.

Intelligent: The combination of the above options has been improved with an understanding of contexts and interests to find what is required even without writing completely.

The rest has to do with the inclusion of keyboard shortcuts like the one that allows you to play content within the search engine just by pressing Ctrl + Enter (and Shift to put content at random).

More information: Plex official blog