Plugins to make Google Chrome faster

Plugins to make Google Chrome faster

Excellent list published in, and translated into Spanish in RWW, which allows us to have a Google Chrome faster than it normally is:


Equivalent to the Fastfox plugin for Firefox. FastestChrome loads the pages that we have not opened yet, looks for definitions of words, speeds up the searches …

Smooth Gestures

It allows to navigate using mouse gestures, making the experience more intuitive.

Keyboard Navigation

To use the keyboard shortcuts of the Office applications in our web browser.

Quick Tabs

To switch tabs using the keyboard.


To remove ads from pages. It can be expanded with the functions of the Adlock Button.

Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčDial

To customize the home page with the most visited sites. It can be easily configured.

Quick Scroll

To increase the power of text search on web pages.


It loads the following pages when it reaches the end of the first one, ideal for those who are reading several pages of the same website (while we read one, the others are loaded).

Search Preview

To display a thumbnail of the websites that appear in Google search results.